Orianna Osorio

Academic Secretary

Maria Lucia Salamanca

Logistic Secretary

We are Orianna Osorio and María Lucía Salamanca, the Secretary General of academics and logistics respectively. Our job is to establish the general topic and its emphasis, to see the organization of the model and to choose the committees plus their academic evaluation. We also select our work cabinet for the different teams and supervise they are fulfilling their tasks, we select presidents and help them in their selection of topic. At the same time, we are also available to the presidents, members of each team, delegates and people who will participate in the model. We reaffirm our support so in that way our model is carried out in the best possible way.


We are very excited that each one of us serve as Secretary-General this year, our teamwork in SMMUN characterize us, and for that reason we enjoy working together on this adventure we have been dreaming about and planning since eight grade when we both won the best committee chairman.

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